domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011


Ron Mueck at The Hamburger Stadtbahnhof in Berlin

Bellos & Falsos by Milk, Logyu or Ilka

Milk, Logyu or Ilka are all the nicknames that this mysterious artist

5 by Heidi Taillefer

Faces by Dave Hill

The Floppy Disk by Nick Gentry

Artist and Central Saint Martins graduate Nick Gentry creates recycled art with obsolete media storage as his medium. After assembling canvases by puzzling together floppy disks with all kinds of different data, he paints portraits of over them.
“The floppy disk stands firm and lives on as a metaphor for the increasing pace of the modern life cycle, mass production and the throwaway culture of today.”

Hollow Face

The Twilight Zone

The original series first launched on Oct. 2, 1959, and it led viewers into another dimension of space and time, full of time travelers, apocalyptic scenarios and other worldly cultures (that often-times weren’t as friendly as E.T.) 

Controversial topics like race relations, prejudice and questioning cultural norms were often addressed in episodes, with “the stranger,” aliens or demons standing in for oppressed groups. After five years and 156 episodes, the series ended.

Amazing by Peter Stichbury

Jimmy "The Body" Pearce by Toyin Ibidapo

Kiss by Vladimir Dubossarsky & Alexander Vinogradov

Red Glove by Michael Kirkham

Hypnagogia by Chris O'Hoski

The subjects in his paintings are often reflection, direct subject matter or experimental. Chris gallery features imagery often from dreams, but primarily focuses on the human figure. Perhaps the one thing we'll never figure out, inside or out.


Strange Ladies by Travis A. Louie

Blood Love by Bruce LaBruce

Dust by Ujin Lee

There is never enough time or effort or vision to make sure things are fixed. We must suppose they are (or were) somewhere here, in the vicinity of the place we are (or were) standing, in the present continuous, within the limits of what we are ready to appreciate. I can hardly imagine a memory that has no stills. The trick is in admiring the thing the trick tricks you into believing, while knowing the trick. 
Ghosts : the need for accompanied presence.

Psyche by Kristamas Klousch

Through a process of self-portraiture, Klousch studies herself, resulting in the paradox of thesis vs. antithesis, where by she becomes both subject and object of her investigation.

Three New Girls by Loopyboopy

When Joy grows up shes going to move as far away from this farm and these chickens as she can, shes going to be a city girl. Joy is completly hand sculpted and painted in acrylics, pastels and artists pencils. Her clothing is made from found and vintage fabrics that have been hand stitched. I finishe all the pieces completely including her little panties underneath her dress. She measures approx 10" tall and is completely pose-able.

Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today

The Magic Art of Paper Cutting’ by Elsa Mora

I tend to see fear as two little people having an argument within my mind. One of them is positive, the other one is negative but in the end I am both of them. I am aware of how much I can influence their argument, it all depends on my own personal choice of whom I am going to support and let win. This piece in the photos is a representation of this idea, (Elsa Mora)

Walls, Diaries, and Paintings by Jose Parla

Using a combination of free-form, calligraphic markings and urban graffiti, Parla has recreated the sense of excitement, danger, and vibrancy inherent in city living. He has managed to capture both a sense of history and a feeling of modern edge at the same time. 

Wonderful World by Mark Ryden

Mark Ryden is an amazing illustrator who is a combination of hieronymus bosch and the big eyed paintings of the past. A little cute, a little creepy.

Petite Dolls by Suzi Blu

Irreversible's Tunnel


Around This Time by Atsushi Suwa

Atsushi Suwa was born in Hokkaido, Japan in 1967, and received a master’s degree from Musashino Art Uni­ver­sity in 1992. He took up res­i­dence in Spain in 1994 as an over­seas art schlor­ship under a pro­gram of Japan­ese Agency for Cul­tural Affairs.

Iron by Woodkid

Bic by Juan Francisco Casas Ruiz

Juan is a Spanish artist who draws reallistic cool portraits by using just a BIC pen.