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miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Is not a Joke by Sergey Sergeevich

Enter The Void by Gaspar Noé

In Enter the Void the camera soars above the world like a bird, like a kite, like a ghost. It moves with smooth, gentle motions and seemingly indecisive purpose, passing through walls, drifting over alleys and climbing high above the roofs of a nighttime city agleam in jeweled color. At times it hovers next to one of the city’s inhabitants like an angel or a threat.

Starvation by Outfade

Caramels by Colorado Productions


Oldest Pharmacy in Ontario

Teasel’s Drug Store, the oldest business establishment in Picton and the oldest pharmacy in Ontario, closed its doors last May. Teasel’s may even be the oldest pharmacy in Canada, having opened in 1829, but there are no registry records to confirm the status.
Teasel’s has been purchased by Rexall family of pharmacies and will be operating out of Pharma Plus. The post office will remain until the end of the month. Its new location has not been announced officially, but is said to be beside the County Farm Centre in the old licence bureau storefront.

Farmacia Universal

Itsy Bitsy Pills by Nocturnal

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs by Vitamins

Sleeping Pills by Vonzilla

Penny Pills

Pills Here by Falcocanning


Homer's Really Drunk

Marge All Pumped Up by Atariboy


Body Builder


Before & After

September 9 1966


El Pico by Eloy de la Iglesia


Good Reasons


Saturday Morning by Robyn Ivy


Mark Renton


Did You Saw That Pink Dragon?! by Poxee

Thoothache Drops

Christiane F. by Uli Edel

There is a great German film about a 14-year-old heroin addict prostitute called Christiane F. (1981). The soundtrack is all Thin White Duke-period Bowie (including, “Warszawa”); through most of that period of his music (1976-1979), he was living in Berlin. He even appears in the movie when Christiane goes to his concert and tries heroin for the first time.


Snow White

Kate Loves Coke

Cool Nightclub Led Light Design

Disco Toilet

I am Drugs By Salvador Dalí

Old Neon

Así me Gusta a mí

Fran, despegandoooo! by Gabfanatic