miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

I Walked With a Zombie by Jacques Tourneur

Paul Holland: It's easy enough to read the thoughts of a newcomer. Everything seems beautiful because you don't understand. Those flying fish, they're not leaping for joy, they're jumping in terror. Bigger fish want to eat them. That luminous water, it takes its gleam from millions of tiny dead bodies. The glitter of putrescence. There is no beauty here, only death and decay.
Betsy Connell: You can't really believe that.
Paul Holland: Everything good dies here. Even the stars. 
You remember the first night I saw you?
You were looking at the sea. You were enchanted.
But I felt I had to destroy that enchantment... make you see ugliness and cruelty.
Betsy Connell: You were trying to warn me.
Paul Holland:No. I was trying to hurt you.