domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Polly Morgan

Dead finches lay strewn about an East London studio in a macabre amalgamation of feathers and skins and bottles of solutions. In Polly Morgan’s seemingly sordid world, death can be beautiful and taxidermy is an art form. Morgan is a master of this embalming method as art pieces and she has a milieu of taxidermied animals that she has fashioned to become modern art marvels.

Morgan’s career as an artist was serendipitous. She more fell into the craft than pursued it literally. She says, “It was more that I started doing art by way of animals, rather than making art out of animals.”
Her craft started when she was trying to furnish her flat and was unable to find any taxidermy that she liked. “I wanted animals that looked dead and everything out there looked like it had been resurrected. It occurred to me that it was something I could do myself,” says Morgan.