jueves, 15 de marzo de 2012

Faces of War

These are the faces of Britain's brave soldiers, with suffering and fortitude written into every crease and frown line.
The astonishing pictures show how a tour of Afghanistan transforms the features of these relaxed-looking men and women into careworn, hard-bitten masks.
Even more amazingly, their faces dramatically soften again on their return from their three-month trips.

Photographer Lalage Snow, who took the eye-opening photographs of members of 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, said she was 'shocked' at how drastically the soldiers' faces changed.
Her 'We Are The Not Dead' project traces the lives of the servicemen and women over seven months before, during and after their tours.
She captured the images of individuals a day before they were sent away, while they were at war, and three days after their return.
It is easy to see how they morph from calmness ahead of the journey, to agony during the harrowing experience, to a gentler but tense appearance afterwards.
The series shows the extreme effects of war on the human body in vivid detail, with the soldiers' experiences seemingly written in their eyes.
Miss Snow got to know her subjects and their families, spending time with them in Afghanistan as well as back in Britain.
'They knew me when i went to Helmand, so I got very personal statements,' she said. 'I got close to them and built their trust.
'Especially with the younger ones, the difference is so marked after they'd been away.