jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

The Bragaglia Brothers

The Bragaglia brothers were one of the first group of people to capture movement within a photographic process. They visually captured human movement, be it the movement on the arm or leg, walking, nodding your head or even sitting on a chair. As well as capturing the frozen image they also capture the motion in what ever was moving, rather than having that still image.

The way they achieved this was keeping the shutter speed on the camera open as long as possible while the object/human was moving. This then created the multiple images of the subject moving.

During this time, this would have been a benchmark in photographic process. It is quite crazy to see what they did over 100 years ago, compared to what we can do now. Although I do love the raw/distorted feel to the images. A good technique to show time through still images, although its very complicated to capture 24 hours in one image.