lunes, 30 de julio de 2012

The covers of Hara-Kiri

Hara-Kiri magazine (1960-1985)

Hara Kiri is a French satire magazine. To be honest, I have never looked inside an issue. The covers are some of the best graphic art I have ever seen, sexual, violent, hateful, ironic, and hilarious. I am posting some of the covers, but in order to get the full, violent, naked bodies, scatalogical, and fun, Hara Kiri experience you should really go look at them all.

The magazine was founded in 1960 by Georges Bernier (aka Le Professeur Choron,) François Cavanna, and Fred Aristidès (aka Fred.) Hara Kiri was nicknamed "Journal Bête et Méchant" (Stupid and Vicious Magazine.) The early  covers depicted cartoon samurai.