miércoles, 3 de octubre de 2012

Real Men Don't Buy Girls

The DNA Foundation launched a campaign targeting men with the message that Real Men Don't Buy Girls. The goal of the campaign was to create a cultural shift around the implicit societal acceptance of child prostitution, and thus, child sex slavery. We hoped to reach millions of people with information about the issue. More than 2 million people have participated in the campaign so far. Here are some of the people who took a stand with us! 

Ashton Kutcher is a real man

Ben Stiller is a real man

Eva Longoria prefers a real man

Gerry Butler is a real man

Jamie Foxx is a real man

Justin Timberlake is a real man

Kaka is a real man

Paul Bettany is a real man

Sean Penn is a real man

Simon Baker is a real man

Sofia Vergara prefers a real man

Thomas Jane is a real man

Zachary Quinto is a real man

To create your own "Real Men" video, go to rm.demiandashton.org