jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

William Hundley

( 1976 ) Is an American artist born in Minesota. He lives and works in Austin /Texas
In 2006 he began an ongoing series of photographs that he titled Entopic Phenomena in which he photographs people jumping underneath fabrics and other various materials. The instant of the jump can be thought of as super ephemeral sculpture, lasting only a few seconds before reverting to their base components. The resulting photographs appear to have been made by computer manipulation, but Hundley stresses that “they are just photographs” and that there were absolutely no computer applications used in creating the images. He goes on to say that having “acrobatic models” is the key to the success of the imagery. A few of his "Entoptic Phenomena" photographs were featured in the 2007 Texas Biennial in which he was awarded the Juror’s Choice Award.