lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Enriqueta; The Vampire of Barcelona

 Few ones we are that we know Enriqueta Martí Ripollès's history, (the vampire of Barcelona, or The Ogresa) in spite of the fact that his life has been taken to the cinema, theatre and literature. Of there that wants to tell you the royal history of this horrifying woman.
Enriqueta was born in 1868 in San Felíu of Llobregat. Of very young woman it was moved to Barcelona where it started working as babysitter little before devoting itself to exercise the prostitution.
In 1895 Enriqueta marries Joan Pujaló, a famous painter, but the aficción of this one for the men, the fact that it was not leaving the prostitution as well as his strange and false character, it did that after several breaks this marriage was failing.
Enriqueta was taking a double life; for the day it was begging still without need, dressing rags and sometimes with babies in his arms to whom he was making happen for the children that it never had.
And to many more later it was prostituting these children (ages from 3 to 14 years) or it was murdering them (creatures of chest up to 9 years).
In the night it was dressing in luxurious clothes, hats and wigs … and was frequenting the Theatre Liceu, the casino of the Arrabassada and other places where the well-off class was coming, to which it was offering her services as procurer specialized in children.
On the other hand simultaneously that she was a procurer, it was doing of curandera. It was using to make her compound human remedies of the babies that she was murdering; fat, blood, hairs, bones that it was transforming into powder … . simultaneously was getting rid of his victims.
She was doing salves, ointments, filters, cataplasms and potions, specially to treat the tuberculosis and all kinds of diseases that did not have priest on the part of the traditional medicine.
In 1909 she was detained in his floor of the street Minerva accused of managing a brothel where sexual services were offering with minors. Together with her also they stopped a young person of high social position.
Enriqueta finally worked out absolved thanks to her contacts with high personalities that were contracting her services, for what the process got lost in the judicial and bureaucratic oblivion.
From what it did not get away she was of her last detention.
In this one they were in her floor of the neighborhood of the Raval and different floors of Barcelona where she had lived, the bones of twelve children who were the only ones that the forensic ones could identify.
But really Enriqueta is probably the most merciless and deadly murderess who has exist in Spain.
If really there was known the number of kidnapped and murdered victims the number would go off enormously and more knowing that she was going many years acting in Barcelona, taking advantage of the terror created in the population of the children's disappearance without leaving track, especially babies…
Her last victim was Teresita Guitart Congost. After being judged for this case she finished in the jail where he died in 1913 lynched to blows with brutality for hundreds of dams. There was inspected that before the lynching had been poisoned in order that she was not speaking about the influential persons that it had behind, but it was never proved at all.