miércoles, 12 de diciembre de 2012

Zoltán Jókay

'Remembering 1987-1993'
Photographer Zoltán Jókay was born in Germany in 1960 to Hungarian parents. He currently lives in Munich.
He has a style that can easily be said to reference Diane Arbus or August Sander, but for me it feels like he captures his subjects (mostly kids) as they are, not as ‘freaks’. The kids always seem to be caught in a moment, unaware of their reason for being photographed. These are often kids who are unremarkable except for the fact they’ve become the subject of a well-crafted photograph.
This type of documentary photography perhaps feels even fresher today than it ever did because of the now-rampant use of stylists, Photoshop, and precocious child models used to sell nearly anything and everything. The middle-class kid without any obvious protegé-making skills is all but lost today in our world of Facebook likes and Youtube hits.
These are just kids and Jókay gives us just enough of them to let us imagine what their stories might be. Isn’t that refreshing? Oh, and they’re gorgeously lit too.