martes, 15 de enero de 2013

Second Life by Heidi & Hans

Lifeforms And Beyond

If you ask, they call it Lifeform Photography. The imagery of Heidi & Hans is inspired by the rhythm and soul of living beings. Since more than two decades the pretty independent husband-and-wife photographer team has created an extraordinary body of work. Their photographs and features are published worldwide in various media. The clients include  STERN - GEO - LE FIGARO MAGAZINE - PARIS MATCH - LIFE - THE INDEPENDENT MAGAZINE - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - FOCUS - SUNDAY TIMES - among others.

The photographers credo when it comes to animals: "However we all want to see animals one thing is for sure, animals are on the far side anyway – we only picture them”.

The works of Heidi & Hans were honored multiple times. The diversity of these awards and merits is a proof of their professional passion.